Doctor Who: Four Doctors review.

Titan Comics released the 13 episode mini-series Four Doctors in August 2015. The graphic novel mini-series served as a crossover point between Titan Comics other Doctor Who titles, The Tenth Doctor, The Eleventh Doctor and The Twelfth Doctor. As the title references a 4th eponymous Time Lord the “War Doctor” appears, a rarely depicted character in the franchise. Writer Paul Cornell decided to reintroduce the “War Doctor”, a mysterious incarnation who the other time lords are unfamiliar with, for reasons not revealed until later in the season he is not even entitled to call himself “Doctor”. In fandom parlance he appears chronologically in the series between Paul McGann (Eight Doctor) and Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor).

The multifarious incarnations of Doctor Who are forced by circumstances to collaborate in travelling across time and space to battle familiar aliens and new enemies. Emerging as principal series bad guys are The Voord. A confrontation with classic favorite the Daleks at first prompts an unlikely alliance with dimension jumping Voord. But, the true antagonists emerge in later episodes. The four different timelines are entwining provoking an intriguing journey.

The comic’s writer Paul Cornell, a long standing author of Doctor Who for TV and comics, injects his own enthusiasm and appreciation of the franchise into each episode. The interplay between the frequently jousting and argumentative Time Lords is entertaining and despite the overlapping storylines of our multiple interacting protagonists the threads are portrayed with verve.

Neil Edwards (Fantatic Four) and Ivan Nunes (Green Hornet and Army of Darkness) provide the artwork, which brings vividly to life the classic Time Lords.