A celebration of the eight years and hundreds of stories from the Garth Ennis horror series, by writer Christos Gage and artist Emiliano Urdinola, the final issue of Crossed: Badlands is out on July 31st – and it’s going out in style.

A 64 page, ad-free issue, Christos Gage delivers the final installment of the Smokey trilogy and the issue is packed with extras, celebrating original artist Jacen Burrows, including the original sketchbook and gallery of rare Burrow’s Crossed covers. This issue is also available with a cover by German Nobile; Wraparound & Good Eating by Daniel Gete and Torture & Summer Fun by Nahuel Lopez.

Special limited edition issues are available, including a collector’s boxset:

Ultimate collector limited edition – a Fairy Tale Century Set of three ‘sexy’ covers by Emilio Laiso which are limited to 100 each, and a Costume Change Set of six covers by Christian Zanier limited to 250 sets.

Deluxe Collector Box – full of ultra-rarities and is limited to just 50 sets. With all 15 covers offered here, including the Century and Costume Change Sets, reaching back through time and offering an extremely rare variant of the very first series, Crossed #7 Pure Art. Also from the first series, the original Crossed #1 signed poster edition with Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows signatures. For the card collectors, we add in signature cards from Garth Ennis and Simon Spurrier. It kicks into high gear with an original Crossed color sketch cover from Matt Martin. To top it all off, an exclusive Crossed: Badlands #100 Box Set Century cover featuring the original B&W art to the first cover Jacen Burrows ever drew.

Release Date: July 31 2016