From Writer Rick Remender (Low, Deadly Class) and artist Matteo Scalera (Dead Body Road, Deadpool), a new story arc is being unveiled in their dimension-hopping sci-fi series this July.

In Black Science #22, returning protagonist, Grant McKay is on a mission to rescue his daughter, in the process endangering a peace treaty between three godlike races, putting the entire Eververse at risk. Quoted in a press release, series writer Rick Remender stated:

“The new storyline We Say Goodbye to Ourselves (part 1 of 5) begins in Black Science issue 22, and is a very different new direction for the series… a hard-earned optimistic appraisal might just lead to a hard-earned victory for Grant McKay. All of the pieces we’ve set up begin to converge. A new cast member will take the spotlight. An encounter with a strange sorceress will lead to a character defining choice that will change one Dimensionaut forever.”

The focus of the Black Science saga, is scientist Grant McKay, who is able to cross barriers between dimensions, meaning he can travel to all possible universes. This provides the backdrop to the narrative events and provides the pull of this engaging series, literally allowing endless storylines for McKay to hop into; mainly featuring the busy time McKay has, jumping between dimensions searching for his family and running into hostile aliens.

Remender was also quoted saying: “We have more exciting new worlds, illustrated masterfully by Matteo, that alone is worth the price of admission and finally one of our cast members returns home to Earth to discover a shocking truth. I couldn’t be more excited about this story and the payouts loyal readers have to look forward to.” Black Science #22 is released on Wednesday, July 6 from Image Comics.