Dynamite and Condé Nast are launching a new incarnation of the Shadow, the classic 1930s pulp character. Originating in the 1930s Detective Story Hour radio show, the mysterious figure with twin .45 caliber handguns has endured as a popular iconic character. The people behind the latest Shadow series are Simon Spurrier (X-Men: Legacy) and artist Daniel HDR (Superman).


The intention with the updated incarnation is to bring the pulp icon into modern day Manhatten and address modern day issues. Leviathan writer Simon Spurrier said, “For me – and I suspect for most comics creators – The Shadow is an irresistible property. The hat and scarf, the cold eyes and colder laugh, the wisp of cordite and the flourish of a cape: all plucked wholesale from the noir pulps and radio plays of the 1930’s.”

Spurrier added, “Like all good legends, he tells us even more about the present than the past. In this new story I’m dragging the legend into the modern world, with all its melting-pot problems and changing attitudes. This isn’t the world the Shadow was born into, with its pinstripe gangsters and mystic monsters (although we’ll be visiting that one too).”

The Shadow Leviathan #1 will be available in comic stores from August. The covers will be designed by  Kenneth Rocafort, Aaron Michael Kaluta and Brandon Peterson among others.