A sequel to the 1980s classic horror movie Lost Boys is unleashed in October. The comic miniseries will chronicle the lives of many of the characters introduced in what is still considered to be one of the greatest vampire movies of all time. The iconic 80’s movie was distributed by Warner Bros., so it makes perfect sense that long time collaborators Vertigo stepped in to turn many comic fans dreams into reality.

Lost Boys was directed by Joel Schumacher, who helmed other quintessential 80s bratpack classics St. Elmo’s Fire and Flatliners. The 1987 tale of Jason Patric, Corey Haim and co battling undead vampires instantly commanded a cult following and discussion of movie and other format sequels has inevitably circled the film remorselessly ever since it memorably graced the screen. The acclaimed comic writer Tim Seeley (Nightwing, G.I. Joe) is scripting the miniseries and is himself a self-confessed devotee of the movie.

The setting of the action will once again in the formerly teen vampire infested town of Santa Carla, California, and life was just beginning to settle down! Sam and Michael’s cosy existence is unsettled by the unwelcome reawakening of new and more despicable vampire menaces to society. The brothers Edgar and Allen are fortunately or misfortunately depending on your perspective also back to lend a hand in confronting the children of the night.

The excellent penmanship of Tim Seeley is augmented by the artwork from horror disciples Scott Godlewski (The Dark & Bloody) and Patricia Mulvihill (Hellblazer). The snippets of graphic art released to date paint an authentic and alluring vision.

Tim Seeley is on the record explained his interest in the project: “I saw The Lost Boys at a formative time in my life, when a VHS, a VCR and a summer afternoon were a perfect escape into a crazy world of biker vampires with mullets and monster-fighting hippy grandpas.”  He continued “The Lost Boys was one of my entry points into the horror genre, and I’ve been fascinated ever since.”

Don’t forget to rush down to your local comic store on October 12th, when the first issue is released.