BTVS Season 10 Review

The first issue of Buffy Season Ten was released in March 19, 2014. Buffy and the Scoobies encounter shape shifting vampires, who are incidentally to complicate matters more difficult to kill than the average vampire. In panorama this season as can generally be expected from BTVS the apocalypse is transpiring, a mysterious portal “the Restless Door” that opens pathways to hell dimensions is causing much consternation. With a host of bad guy regulars, “the Old One”, “Mistress”, “the Sculptor” and “the Flesh Demon” literally hoping to unleash Hell on Earth.

But, the Scoobie gangs’ social life and internal relationships are not taking a back seat either, with the emotional drama established in the previous seasons acting as a source of tension and conflicted motivations. Victor Gischler and Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Nicholas Brendon have joined the team. The series is definitely staying close to the traditional routes. Fans needn’t be concerned about losing any iconic characters.

In episode BTVS Season 10 #24, released on February 17th, as can be expected because of the new relationships and new priorities arising the Scoobies’ personal feuds are fast becoming a big issue for the team. The trail of the Restless Door led to the Demon Lord’s hideout and the Mistress decided to take advantage of their discord and present the team with a terrible decision that could tear them apart. This season is definitely delivering so far.