Moonshine is a new project lined up by Image Comics for October from creators Eduardo Rizzo and Brian Azzarello. Billed as a traditional prohibition era gangster story that is interblended with horror themes, the new title is well positioned to be a genre busting series. Our protagonist is a gangster and bootlegger who makes the acquaintance of local crime boss in the Appalachians of West Virginia, who is hiding many dark secrets. On top of being a moonshiner, he and his family are werewolves.

Eduardo Risso and Brian Azzarello are bringing the story lines to comic book pages, the duo are long term collaborators, their other works include 101 Bullets, Batman and Flinch. Brian Azzarello had this to say about Moonshine: “Like 100 Bullets, the high concept is a grabber, but the heart of the story is dealing with an extremely fractured ‘hero’ (Gangster, Lou Pirlo). He’s one of the most complex characters I’ve written in a long time and I can’t wait to dig into his many sides… seedy and otherwise.”

Risso commented: “Being back together with Azzarello is always a pleasure. And to now be at Image, with the freedom to do what we do best, is an added thrill. This time around I’m doing my own coloring so that’s a new approach and I look forward to hearing what our fans think about it.”

Moonshine #1 will be available in comic book stores from October 5th. A variant cover will be designed by hallowed comic legend Frank Miller.