Dirk Gently is experiencing a resurgence. IDW Publishing brought to comic book stores the first ever Dirk Gently comic series in May last year and A Spoon to Short: issue 5 is soon approaching. Gently will also be developed for television by IDW Entertainment and Ideate Media with Circle of Confusion as Executive Producers and Max Landis as showrunner. The holistic detective agency and Dirk Gently were created by Douglas Adams, who is equally famous for writing the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy saga.

The series is written by Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Editor-in-Chief and writer of series such as Zombies vs Robots and Groom Lake. Artists Tony Akins and Rob Guillory are providing the graphics.

Dirk Gently was depicted in quanta entanglements in novels such as Holistic Detective Agency and Long, Dark Tea-time of the Soul by Adams. Gently is enigmatic and sometimes brilliant, possessed with a self-confessed ability to understand patterns in the fabric of reality and quantum strangeness. He deploys these inexplicable powers whenever possible to solve cases as a private detective.

Chris Ryall said: “I know that an American writing Dirk comics is going to get a certain segment of British Adams fans a bit brassed off, but, much like in the case of the oft-referenced Schrödinger’s cat in the Dirk novels, we can all agree that until the world opens these comics, they are both good and not good, right? And certainly Adams’ writing transcends all borders and has rightfully earned him a worldwide following. I can’t wait to bring Dirk into the world of comics.”

In the first episodes Dirk has involuntarily been required to temporarily exit from his homeland of England, instead travelling to the much sunnier San Diego. Where inevitably Dirk is enmeshed in some bizarre and unusual investigations from reincarnated Egyptians to crazed copycat killers. In A Spoon to Short Gently ends up relocating to Africa and taking on animal poaching.

Episode 5 is released in June and culminates the A Spoon to Short saga. Check back for more details on IDW’s Dirk Gently and future releases. Issue #5 will be published on June 29th.