In the fantasy world of the kingdom of Zhal, a devious god is dispersing much fear across the known territory. This intriguing sword and sorcery drama composes some very absorbing premises, a mystical realm populated with evil gods and battling wizards. The God of Whispers uses paranoia and a network of spies to turn men against each other. A knight, Adam Osidis, and a band of magicians are embarking on a quest fraught with danger. They are the kingdoms best chance to defeat the evil god.

The new series will launch episode #1 on September 21st, published by Image Comics. Writer Rick Remender is the creator of Seven to Eternity, he is also well-known for being the architect of Tokyo Ghost and Fear Agent. The illustrations are courtesy of artist Jerome Opeña (The Avengers, Uncanny X-Force) and colorist Matt Hollingsworth (Tokyo Ghost and Deadpool). The duo of Remender and Opena have collaborated on numerous previous projects, and it’s a partnership that has worked very well.

Rick Remender recently described his perspective on the new series: “a unique take on the familiar genre full of action, unexpected twists, totally unique characters and a villain who might end up stealing the show. It’s taken us (Jerome Opeña) a decade to get it together, but the wait was worth it”.

He further explained “during the past decade we’ve collaborated on numerous projects and fine-tuned our mighty nerd skills to a point where what we produce here will eclipse our past collaborations and consume all evil in the universe and give a new pony to every child”. Seven to Eternity #1 will be available from September 21st, published by Image Comics.