In Marvel’s new Civil War saga battle lines between opposing factions of superheroes are being drawn. The premise of the series is surrounding an ideological struggle of the contending groups led by Captain Marvel and Iron Man, when a new Inhuman is discovered with the ability to predict the future. This inhuman Ulysses is causing implications that undulate into every section of the Marvel Universe. Writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist David Marquez, colorist Justin Ponsor, and editor Tom Brevoort are the creative engines behind the project.

In an action packed Issue #2 Iron Man (Tony Stark) determines that he should waste no time in resolving the mounting fissures in the superhero community and commits himself to a risky venture in declaring war on the Inhumans. But this unilateral decision has only inspired more divisions with the controversy prompting more opposing factions to conspire against him. In issue #3 we are promised by Marvel Entertainment some epic and game changing revelations.

We are led to believe that a central Marvel character will be leaving the series and possibly permanently. Superhero deaths are often controversial, but this change in direction will incontestably be a major talking point with fans. Issue #3 will be written by Charles Soule, with Leinil Francis Yu serving as penciller and cover artist. Marvel Civil War issue #3 will be published on July 13th.