In Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets, Frank Castle and Doctor Strange are taken out of their elements. This Infinite Comic event from Marvel is written by John Barber, with art work by Jason Muhr and Andrea Broccardo. An organized crime family channel demons from another universe when they stumble across a writer who has haunting visions of monsters.

This is one criminal enemy the Punisher cannot handle with his standard tactics, they are impervious to bullets. Magic is not a world that Frank Castle understands and he contacts Doctor Strange in exasperation, who is himself far removed from the world of organised crime. On the surface it sounds like a merging of very different worlds and almost opposing characters. Can they bring down the criminal empire?

The magic bullets series is taking place chronologically after the Last Days of Magic, in which Doctor Strange’s powers are greatly reduced, so he does not retain the same powers he once commanded. While, Frank Castle was last seen dispensing his own brand of justice in Punisher #5 and Daredevil/ Punisher #4, how the circumstances the character found himself in before the series will play a prominent role remains to be seen.

John Barber has previously accomplished some great work with Ultimate Spider-Man and Axis Revolutions and artist Jason Muhr is the creator of Voracious at Action Lab, which is worth checking out. The Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets mini-series will feature 8 editions and begins in November.